Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Simple Multi-Purpose Bag

Even though I have been crocheting over 45 years (since I was seven years old), I'm still learning new things.  

A couple of years ago, I figured out how to change colors in a pattern without doing the cut-n-knot thing.  

Here are some samples of bags I designed.  The one thing I am bad at, however, is that I rarely record a pattern.  I just start crocheting and create the pattern as I go.  So there is no pattern for most of these.

I started with a basic bag pattern that I found CLICK HERE as a free pattern on Lion Brand Yarns website.  I then just adjusted the center of the bag with the pattern I wanted.

Here are some of the bags I created using the above pattern as my base:

This one I made for my daughter,
who was a Mary Kay consultant
at the time.

On the inside I added a pocket and a ring to hold keys.  It is nice to have a great big bag but we all know the horror of trying to find something in the bottom of it.  The ring was to be able to hook a key ring on it (I use a "D" ring for my keys) and the pocket was a great place for my cell phone.

When I added the pocket, the first problem I encountered was it was hard to see the pocket that was the same color as the bag.  So I started added a top edge of a different color to make it easy to see.

These bags are really strong!  While a full time college student (I went back to college at the age of 50), I would carry 2 textbooks, my lunch, a couple of cans of Coke, plus all of the regular purse stuff.  When  I connected the strap, I made it a little longer so I could overlap the two sides, created a nice padding on my shoulder.

Anyone can use these as a gift!  They are universal and provide a wide array of uses, such as school supplies, overnight bags, a place to carry games and toys on a car trip.

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