Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Spoke Doily Variation

I've made a few doilies using this spoke doily pattern ((CLICK HERE for the pattern).  I have a couple on the coffee table and a couple of smaller versions (smaller needle, smaller thread) that we use as coasters.  But they were "use up the leftover thread" projects and don't really match.  

Here is a photo of the dolly as made according to the pattern found on the above link (I did not make this one ..... it is a photo from the website referenced above):  

I like the pattern and wanted a set for my large coffee table.   So here is the variation I made using the above pattern as my inspiration:

Using standard crochet thread (Aunt Lydia's size 10) and a size 7 metal crochet needle, I started out with the spoke pattern but at the end of the flat-topped spoked, I continued, using a decreasing dc and turned the flat-ended spokes into points.  I continued with the "dc-ch3" but didn't want just a lot of blank space, so I added the mini-pineapples in the (what I call the) outfield. The green trim near the outer edge is when I went back to the original pattern and finished it up.

Like many of my projects, this was a "make it up as you go".  One day I just HAVE to remember to write down what I'm doing as I do it!

A large glass candle display will sit in the center of this.  I plan to make four or six small ones to use as coasters.  Photos to follow, of course!

Maybe I'll crochet a basket out of seafoam green bedsheet strips to keep the coasters in.


  1. Debi, this is incredible! It's beautiful. Please take the liberty of calling this one your own, as it is different enough to do so. Wonderful job! Thanks for telling me about it. I always love seeing what others are crocheting.

  2. Thanks! I am honored you like it!