Friday, March 27, 2015

Couch Tissue-Box Cover

I saw this pattern in a magazine and purchased the pattern right away.  I tucked it away and it was over a year before I finally dug it out and gave it a try.  You can find the pattern here:

I think I hid it away because it looked a bit complicated but I was happy to discover how easy this pattern really is.  On a Sunday, when I spend the entire day on the couch, watching movies while I crochet, I can get two of these completed.

The first one I made (the purple one), I used Caron soft yarn.  While it worked ok, the yarn was a bit fine for this project and took more stretching to fit it over the tissue box.

The second one I made, I used Red Heart yarn .... a bit thicker and it worked up to a good gauge, fitting over the box easily and with lots of flexibility.  I used an "H" hook.

These are very inexpensive gifts.  The entire project takes about a half skein of yarn.  Good projects for using up those leftover partial skeins.

After making the first one and posting it online for my friends to see, I started getting requests for them left and right.  Since I love to crochet,  I was thrilled to be able to make these as gifts for my friends.

Here are a few samples of the ones I have made:
My first prototype from the pattern.
It was a finer yarn that stretched more than it should have.
My second one. Experienced crocheters will be able
to see the difference in how much the couch seat
was stretched.  I think I did better on attaching the arms, too.
Made by request for my daughter's office.
She loved the contrasting colors!

My youngest daughter requested this one for her boss,
who is a big Indianapolis Colts fan!

And for a dear high school friend, who requested the colors
to match her furniture.
Ready for Christmas!  I can't wait to put this on my front
hall table next to a bowl of Christmas candy!
The Christmas Opposite ... plain color couch with
multi-colored Christmas pillows.
Made for my grand-niece in her favorite colors of pink and purple!

At some point, I am going to figure out how to make a small afghan and throw it over the back of the couch!!

A Friend for Elmo

Shortly after giving granddaughter Marci her "Elmo" ( ), I got an interesting text from my son (Marci's dad):

"Mom .... if you're looking for another crochet project, we'd be happy to have a collection of Elmo's friends.  She won't put Elmo down.  If you're looking for ideas for something to make..."

Now how do you resist a text like that?  So off I go to find patterns to add to the doll collection.  It didn't take long and I found a "Kermit" pattern to purchase (less than $5 ..... ).

Elmo was my first crocheted doll and Kermit followed the same/similar basic pattern.  I had him done is just a couple of evenings.  

Here is my finished project, shown perched on the Couch Tissue Box Cover I made for my daughter's office: