Friday, March 27, 2015

A Friend for Elmo

Shortly after giving granddaughter Marci her "Elmo" ( ), I got an interesting text from my son (Marci's dad):

"Mom .... if you're looking for another crochet project, we'd be happy to have a collection of Elmo's friends.  She won't put Elmo down.  If you're looking for ideas for something to make..."

Now how do you resist a text like that?  So off I go to find patterns to add to the doll collection.  It didn't take long and I found a "Kermit" pattern to purchase (less than $5 ..... ).

Elmo was my first crocheted doll and Kermit followed the same/similar basic pattern.  I had him done is just a couple of evenings.  

Here is my finished project, shown perched on the Couch Tissue Box Cover I made for my daughter's office:

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