Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bathroom Decor Projects

Here are some quick simple things to make as gifts or for a craft show.  If you like to change the décor of your bathroom, this is a great way to make seasonal decorations.

I found the  FREE PATTERN HERE .  I made a number of them, with my own variations, of course (like I always do!) and donated most of them to my sister-in-law’s United Way consignment shop, where the sales benefit the Salvation Army and other programs.  I didn’t add the ribbon.  I just left the design open.

The long holders took me two or three nights in front of the television.  The toilet paper cover (back of the toilet) was finished in a couple of hours.  When I say “quick project”, I’m not kidding.  These are so fast and easy to make.

These extra holders are great for more than just toilet paper rolls.  Hang one by your sink or close to the shower and store rolled up washcloths or small hand towels.

Photo compliments of "crochetnmore.com"

Here is another pattern  (CLICK HERE FOR SINGLE ROLL PATTERN) for a single roll holder, as shown in this pic (this one was not made by me….. it is the ‘model’ in the referenced link.)

This is my Halloween or Fall set.  The toilet paper cover that sits on the back of the toilet comes from  THIS FREE PATTERN.

I love the Christmas Set.

The cover on the back of the toilet was yet another one of my “made it up as I go” projects.  Basically, I started the project like I would a scarf, using the double crochet stitch.  When it was large enough to wrap around a roll of toilet paper, I just connected the two ends together.  I crocheted the hat (again, freelancing it) and was happy to find the ‘fuzzy’ trim that I crocheted onto the outer edge for the Santa effect!

I sewed little beads on the white portion of the holder to make the center look like bells.

And of course, living in Indianapolis, I had to do an “Indianapolis 500” race design of black and white!

To hang them I used the removable hangers, as shown here. 

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