Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Grandson's hat

The advantage of being a crocheting gramma is that my grandchildren can ask me to make them something and they know it is never a problem for gramma to drop what she's doing and get them what they want!

Shopping at Michael's for yarn with my five-year old grandson in tow, I was sure he would be bored as gramma looked and looked and looked at the yarns, trying to decide what was needed.

Was I wrong.

My grandson was doing some looking of his own and comes running up to me with this wild colored skein of yarn saying, "Gramma!  Make me a hat out of THIS one!"

I found a simple pattern on the Lion's Brand website: http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/81087AD.html?r=1 
and in just a couple of hours, my grandson had his hat!

And as my fellow crocheters will attest, there is just a great feeling when your family doesn't ask IF you can make it, but just assume it's a "dun deal" because gramma can do anything!  (It's happened with their birthday cakes, too!  See the link to the right for photos of my cake creations over the years.)

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